The port of Buenos Aires in an image taken by Aroldo Bonzagni, January 1914.

Aroldo Bonzagni in Argentina

Moved in December 1913, the artist arrived in Buenos Aires on 1 January 1914 and stayed there for a year, returning to Italy on 16 February.
Bonzagni had been called in Argentina along with Italian architects for the construction and decoration of the new Argentine Hippodrome of Palermo, but for various reasons the building was never built.

Images of the steamer Tomaso di Savoia, used by Aroldo Bonzagni on the occasion of his trip to Argentina, to Buenos Aires;

The artist left Genoa in December 1913 and arrived at his destination on 1 January 1914 and then returned to Italy on 16 February 1915. The steamer was built in 1907 in the Barclay, Curle & co shipyard. of Glasgow on behalf of Lloyd Sabaudo of Genoa.

It could accommodate 150 first-class passengers and 1700 third-class passengers. It was placed on the Genoa-New York and Genoa-South America routes. The last Atlantic crossing occurred on 3 September 1915 with arrival in New York and was demolished in 1928.


Source: Archivio Aroldo Bonzagni, Gallery of Modern Art, Cento